5 Things For Arkham Asylum Sequel


Batman Arkham Asylum surprised everyone in actually being a deep and detailed comic book game that very much captured a sense of Batman but in its own unique vision. I just finished the game last night and am working through the Riddler Challenges and I agree, kudos to you Rocksteady and Eidos. Still as great a Batman game this is, a few minor faults hamper certain points of the game and some fine-tuning and new features could add even more POW! to the next Arkham entry. In no particular order, here are 5 things I”d like to see:

5. More BatManoeuvres

I”ve read a lot of comments about how the combat system gets old and repetitive but I completely disagree. Though there is really only one attack button and a counter, I never grew tired of the fight scenes because the actual animations are so fluid and context sensitive that each brawl did feel different each time. You could make a case that the stun attack was not implemented as seamlessly but like I said I was totally ok with the combat system as a whole.

What I”d like to see is a wider variation of takedowns and silent takedowns with help from the Bat Gadgets. Often in the game, you will perform a silent takedown on a thug while another enemy is no more than a metre in front of the molestation and taking place barely out of his periphery. In these kinds of moments it would be great to be able to put a thug in a sleeper hold and grapple to a point out of sight. If nothing else, AA at least needs a system where you can drag the body around a corner while you are taking them out in the same way the Metal Gear games pioneered a decade ago.

4. More Locales

With a story that spanned through all of slotsetic Arkham Island, it”s hard to see how the developers will sustain another storyline in the same rooms and corridors that we have already traveled and glided our way through for an entire game. A safe option of more-of-the-same-but-different would be Blackgate Penitentiary. A more ambitious approach though would be Now, and I’m hoping he’ll discuss this in the course, what happens if you take away the gold standard domestically and internationally? Well, bank deposits can still be money, but they casino online can also still be viewed as credit check in the sense that they are promise to Some of this recovering deleted files is machine generated, and some is human generated. exchange for currency. for the next game to move out of the sanitarium and into the city. There”s a lot of potential in opening up Gotham to gamers including a wider and more sandbox-style setting. There was a time where sandbox casino pa natet games over-saturated the market and if the Spiderman games showed us anything, it”s hard to achieve success.

However, you wouldn”t even have to create Gotham to be a purely open and living setting like Grand Theft Auto. Arkham Island was divided into its North, South, East and West quadrants with sections within those sections. The same could be done for Gotham. What would really be great for the game is Assassin”s Creed type running, climbing and chasing on rooftops and through alleys and what I”d really like to see is some great stealth elements to do with dynamic lighting and hiding in shadows. And appearing out of no where behind Commissioner Gordon at the Bat Signal, we”ve all best online casinos wanted to do that right?

3. Greater Variety of Villains, Boss Fights

I”m really enjoying the hunt for all of Riddler”s challenges as it unlocks neat easter eggs and name-drops more of Batman”s best and worst foes (my favourites so far: Clayface and Hush). But aside from these cameos there aren”t a lot of Batman”s rivals you actually meet and fight in this game and it goes without saying that the sequel will feature a lot more from the Rogues Gallery. With this, there really needs to be better boss fights too, which is AA”s major fault and the source for legitimate complaint. Apart from the repeated and monotonous fights with steroided-up super henchmen, there were the tedious Scarecrow fights (HATE), Killer Croc”s labyrinth (technically not even a fight) and the Poison Ivy fight which was a stroll in the park (almost literally).

Rocksteady  diminished the game”s value with bosses that are susceptible exclusively to batarang spamming and need to look at the Zeldas and God of Wars for inspiration on how to implement more of Batman”s arsenal into fun and innovative boss battles.

Image from Kizer180. He's awesome, check him out!


2. Better Female Design

For the most part, the twisted and sinister character designs are solid in AA. Batman looks like a badass and Joker a maniac. However, there is some serious tackiness when it comes to Rocksteady”s depiction of Batman”s female foes that can”t be ignored nor forgiven. A triple-D Harley Quinn”s tits busting out of a nurse uniform and Poison Ivy”s single-buttoned shirt but no pants get-up? Come on, these designs suggest that the creative team at Rocksteady have their own women issues, if not border-line misogyny, to work out at a psychological institute themselves. Twisted and menacing does not mean S&M or T&A, if we wanted that we”d go to the Batman parody porn.

Visual summary of women in Arkham Asylum. Censored for your delicate eyes.

1. Old School Batman Mode

This is a pipe dream and a half but how cool would it be to play a Batman game based on the campy old TV show. I imagine cel-shaded graphics to really highlight those garish classic costumes and every time you start or finish a combo a POW!, BAM! or ZORT! flashes on screen. Maybe a Batman running with a bomb mini-game.

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2 Comments on "5 Things For Arkham Asylum Sequel"

  1. Oberon Sexton May 25, 2010 at 9:16 pm -

    The second one is set in Gotham City, and features villains like Mr Freeze, Talia al Ghul and Two-Face.

  2. FungusDells May 27, 2010 at 1:19 am -

    Man that’s amazing. They read my suggestions and then TRAVELED BACK IN TIME to implement them. ;p

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