Halo Nerf Gun


This is amazing. A cosplay aficionado by the alias of “MozTS” has created this stunning piece of Halo fanaphernalia. This assault rifle’s attention to detail is stunning, down to the etchings and cartridges. Add to this, the fact that it is a working Nerf gun, that works very closely to the in-game assault rifle! It has an integrated mounted light, several clips (of Nerf darts), and an ammo counter. One of the most amazing ‘working’ replicas I’ve ever seen of anything, professionally OR fan-made. Well played MozTS.

Here is the fully functional assault rifle in use:

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2 Comments on "Halo Nerf Gun"

  1. Kyle skare August 9, 2010 at 3:33 am -

    where do you find the parts that dose’nt come with the recon.

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