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My first post on The Ninja Rope was about Kotobukiya”s forthcoming Megaman figure. Then yesterday I came across news about the release of Megaman gashopon toys via Hobby Search. At the time I stressed over whether I really wanted to be that guy who talks about Megaman toys every one in seven posts. Well, after 24 hours of deliberation, the answer to that question is now an obvious yes, yes I do want to be that guy. And the reason for that decision is that the poses and craftsmanship for each of these twelve characters are really dynamic and just plain awesome.

All of your favourite Megamen are here including Zero, X, ZeroX, umm In normal circumstances, your horoscope virgo Sun displays moderation and tolerance, but it never misses an opportunity to criticise. ZX and Farm to school enriches the connection communities have with fresh, healthy food and local food producers by changing food purchasing and education practices at school supplies list and preschools. Megaman Classic as well as Roll, Bass, Proto and casino online an assortment of bosses. Gashopon are Japanese capsule toys and as such, purchasing them individually is a blind selection (which sucks cos ending up with Cutman would really make you cut, man). Getting a box improves your casino en ligne dgfev online casino francais chances but does not ensure a full set and at around $US85, you”d have to be a big fan of the blue bomber to do so. Like I said though, they are awesome looking things and if I got a double of the classic mid-air pose Megaman or badass light katana Zero, I wouldn”t complain.

Zero and ZX are seriously bad. ass.


And just so that I don”t go mentioning another MM toy again in the foreseeable future, here”s a Megaman Boss Select Screen Rubiks Cube for good measure and a photo of a Megaman keychain I got when I was 10. That should hold me off for the next 14 posts at least.

Go to Hobby Search to view the rest.

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