5 Reasons To Stay Excited for the DS


The 3DS is coming to the world in March 2011. Some areas may get it before then, and some might have to wait until after but March 2011 was the time frame Nintendo canvased for a mass distribution of the 3DS to most corners of the world. That”s 9 months until this foetus gestates into a no glasses 3D, graphics powerhouse, games up the ying-yang baby! With all eyes on Nintendo”s game-changing (literally) technology, its brethren the DS has immediately taken a back seat as people look to the future. But for those of us who aren”t as fickle, there are still a cavalcade of titles to be released on the DS that can blow the 3DS out of the water in their own right. Here are the top 5 reasons not to throw your DS and DSi”s in the trash can:

5. Capcom

Capcom are an incredible company and continue to punish its opposition with release upon release. DS owners are in for particular treats with the imminent release of Ghost Trick, an investigative game in the spirit of the Ace Attorney series but with a twist; the protagonist is a ghost who must manipulate objects in the environment to prevent other murders from happening. As Capcom puts it themselves, the game starts with your death and then the fun begins.

Save the girl with your ghosty meddling.

Also on the horizon is Okamiden, the DS successor to the highly acclaimed PS2 game. With its paint strokes gameplay and puzzle solving, Okami was begging to appear on the touch screen system. Bad timing on Capcom”s part means this game will finally become reality during the DS” decline. Still, fans of the original will still gobble it up and for them, it will be a masterpiece worth all the wait.

4. JRPG”s

You can have your FF13″s with its insane falcie and convoluted and bizarre storyline. The true JRPG”s are coming out on the DS in the form of Dragon Quest 9 and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. DQ9, which has been out in Japan already for almost a year, will finally see online casino’s the light of day outside of the land of the rising sun in July and no doubt it will be the traditional dungeon crawler that we have been accustomed to from the likes of Squenix. Turn-based battles, levelling up, random encounters and customisable to a tee, if those things don”t get you excited for classic monster-slaying then art styling from Akira Toriyama should be the elixir that cures what ails ya.

Not a lot of details has been revealed about Golden Sun DS except for video casino online showing off the same aesthetic from its GBA counterpart but casino online with its release slated for the holiday season, it won”t take long for us to find out.

Slime arm rest not included.

3. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Again, the third entry into the popular riddle-laden Layton series has been out in Japan for yonks now but September will be its time of release to the Western world. Not much needs to be said about the Professor Layton games that we don”t already know: gorgeous art style, endearing character designs and addictive and thoughtful gameplay. Thisentry completes the trilogy for the current Layton Faculty members from Harvard Business brooklyn driving school and Harvard Graduate brooklyn driving school of Education launched the Public Education Leadership Project (PELP) to create and disseminate knowledge about how to manage urban school districts. run before the series dives into its first movie (rumoured to be getting an English DVD release soon) and then starting a new arch of prequels (the first entry already out in Japan since March). Looks like Layton and Luke will be solving cases for a while yet and I for one won”t be getting tired of it soon.

Luke, my boy, you are one suave-ass motherboner.

2. Pokemon Black/White

It shocked many when a new pokemon game was announced so soon after the release of Gold and Silver. Admittedly, the series had started to stagnate and with that in mind, Pokemon B/W is supposedly a shot of new life into one of Nintendo”s most successful franchises. Whether that claim will come to fruition or if its more of the same dressed differently we will have to see but going on the actual designs of the pocket monsters so far, all signs are positive. Playing through Heart Gold reminded me just how abominable some of the designs were, in my opinion. Stantler, Girafarig, Teddiursa? The FUCK was that shite? If the creative team can avoid rejects like the aforementioned, and they are on the right path so far, then they will be on their way to a successful return.

Hihidaruma: Flame gorillas are awesome!

1. Ninokuni: The Another World

Studio Ghibli”s return to the gaming realm sees them partner with Professor Layton developers Level-5; could anything in this world be any more perfect? Notably absent from E3, tight wraps have created an air of mystery and intrigue around this title. What we know is it features cinematic animation and an orchestral score so vast that an entirely new 4-gigabyte DS cartridge was created just to fit it all in. A book of spells is included which the player will have to recreate via strokes on the touch screen. And the characters and world environments are undeniably Ghibli; that is to say magical, fantastic and beautiful. All of these elements, the attention to detail and the extra effort put in to all aspects of production means that although Ninokuni will be one of the last experiences on DS, it should culminate into being one of the best.

Look at these dudes. They are the best!

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