The Comics Rope: 11th June, 2010


I like video games. A lot. But I’ve got to be honest with you, I like comics more. So it was only natural that I would try to convince Schism to allow me to rant about comics on this glorious gaming site of ours. He obliged, and now we have The Comics Rope, a weekly column featuring my favourite books of the week as well as anything else interesting in the world of comics. Enough small talk though, Batman #700 came out this week.

Batman #700

This week marks the beginning of DC’s anniversary month, with Superman #700 and Wonder Woman #700 being released over the next two weeks respectively. This week, however, belonged to The Dark Knight, and Grant Morrison marked the event in his typical, psychedelic way. The main feature, “Time and The Batman”, is a time-travelling murder mystery which spans three eras and three Batmen, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne. Each Batman stars in his own story, YesterdayToday and Tomorrow, which together tell a larger narrative featuring the Maybe Machine, a device which sends the user through time to discover what might have been. What really makes this story stand out is the fact that three of the greatest Batman pencillers in recent years, Tony Daniel, Frank Quitely and Andy Kubert, each take turns drawing their respective Batmen, with David Finch pencilling the story’s epilogue. The result is the quintessential Batman story, one which could only be told by Morrison, who seems to understand the Batman character more than Bruce Wayne himself.

The only thing keeping this book from reaching perfection is Frank Quitely’s pages, or rather lack thereof. It would appear that Frank couldn’t manage ten pages in this issue, as Scott Kolins had to pick up the slack and pencil the last three pages of the Dick Grayson story. The result is a jarring, rushed three pages of sub-par work from Kolins, who is an oustanding penciller in his own right, which is more of a disappointment than anything. Regardless, Batman #700 is a fantastic anniversary, and although it may be light on bonus content, featuring just a cover gallery and guide to the Batcave, the main feature is well worth the price of admission.


Ultimate Spider-Man #11

But Batman wasn’t the only character on stands this week. It was a big week for Marvel, with all their superstar books hitting in the one week with Captain America #606Invincible Iron Man #27Daredevil #507, Uncanny X-Men #525 and Ultimate Spider-Man #11. You’ll come to learn soon enough that I am a huge fan of Ultimate Spider-Man, and every Ultimate Spider-Man week is a good week. Ultimate Spider-Man #11 does not disappoint, with more of the same character driven drama that the book is famous for. This issue is lacking in the action department, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as there are very few things better than Brian Bendis’ voice in the Ultimate Universe. The fallout of Kitty Pryde’s attempted arrest for being a mutant hits with Aunt May telling all her super-powered tenants to avoid costumes for the time being. This means no Spider-Man, no Human Torch and no Ice Man in New York City for the foreseeable future. A new villain from the Amazing Spider-Man back catalogue is brought into the fold, but the real highlight for me was seeing Peter and Mary Jane alone together (well, away from Gwen) for the first time since the book relaunched with Mary Jane out and Gwen Stacy in as Mrs. Peter Parker. I love this book.

Daredevil #507


Daredevil continues to be a sleeper success at Marvel, with Matt Murdock under fire as he continues his attempts to unite The Hand Leadership in Japan. Marvel’s decision to hand control of Daredevil and Fantastic Four to their “young guns” Andy Diggle and Jonathan Hickman has been a roaring success, and these books have become the books I look forward to most each month. I just dread the day Marvel slap that inevitable $3.99 price tag on these as-yet-untouched books. That being said, Daredevil has been given his own mini-event in Shadowland, which will bear that dreaded price tag. Shadowland is the name of the Hand headquarters Matt is building in New York, and promotional art so far has been very interesting, considering the caliber of the main title so far. Bearing the tagline “The Birth of the Marvel Universe’s Greatest Villain”, and with characters like Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Elektra (What’s going on with her anyway? She was a Skrull, right? Or are we just dismissing Secret Invasion altogether?) in other promotional pieces, Shadowland is shaping up to be quite the story. I was skeptical at first, but now I’m on board. If only Robert De La Torre could bring his art to that book too.

Shadowland, featuring the Marvel Universe's greatest villain?

This week also came with it’s share of announcements. Upcoming creative teams for Thor and Fantastic Four have been announced, with Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry taking control of the God of Thunder in September and Steve Epting replacing Dale Eaglesham on pencilling duties starting with Fantastic Four #583. This is great news for Thor fans, as Matt Fraction’s series of Thor one-shots over the last couple of years have been met with much acclaim. I personally am devastated about Dale Eaglesham’s departure from my favourite book on stands at the moment, as his work really captured what has made this run so outstanding thus far. That said, Steve Epting is one of the best, and Jonathan Hickman is still telling his story so I’ll be at the door Thursday morning to grab my copy.


Hickman and Epting's Fantastic Three

Well that’s enough for this week. There was also that Thor feature on Entertainment Tonight, you may have seen it. Then there’s the first production image from AMC’s upcoming Walking Dead series which is sure to turn any Robert Kirkman fan’s head, and is a perfect closer if I’ve ever seen one.

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