100% Confirmed Modern Warfare 3 Details and My thoughts


With Fungus and I being hardcore Call of Duty nerds, and with MW3 ’round the corner, I thought I would compile a 100% confirmed list (via various sources, Robert Bowling’s (Infinity Ward’s community manager) twitter/reddit, reveal trailers) as well as our own speculation.

Now we are largely multiplayer gamers but I’ll post  campaign information as I can, and we’ll update this regularly, as we learn more about the game.

MW2 was a great game, it took what people loved about CoD4, killstreaks, perks, a huge range of guns, and made everything…more. But was that a good thing? MW2 was riddled with issues, exploits and glitches, with some of the worst post-release support of any triple A title. They had 2 patches, which came far too late, fixing 2 game-ruining glitches (care package, and javelin). They never fixed any balancing issues, never listened (or at least, never acted upon) to complaints by the community, never fixed the One Man Army / Noob tube exploits. The game rewarded camping due to the over-powered nature of the killstreaks, and moved away from the gun-on-gun nature of CoD4. Black Ops fixed almost all these things, and was all ’round a far more balanced game, even with it’s over powered FAMAS/74u. The post-release support of Black Ops is unheard of and it releases patches and hotfixes directly responding to the words of the community, improving, balancing and even implementing tiny fixes that most people would not have noticed. But what did MW2 do well that Black Ops didn’t?:

  • Aesthetically, MW2 was fantastic. The maps looked great, HUD was great, and the sound was exceptional, all with a 60+ fps. Black Ops, and Treyarch in general, are known for making dull, grey/dark blue monotonous maps, with subpar graphics (in comparison to IW).
  • Fun factor: A lot of the ridiculousness of MW2 was actually fun. Balanced? No, but could it be fun AND balanced? Yes.
  • Matchmaking: Now, MW2 didn’t have great match-making by any means, but compared to Black Ops’ horrendous system, IW are a godsend.
  • Weapon Selection: Now even though MW2 weapons were largely out of balance, they never had the be-all-end-all weapon. People used a large variety of weapons and there were only a handful of useless weapons. Black Ops on the other hand, in almost EVERY player’s “Most Times Killed By” weaponry stat, will have the FAMAS and AK74u as the top two. And since nerfing the 74u slightly, the margin between the two have grown, and in almost every lobby you get in, there will be a load of FAMASSHOLES thinking they’re the shit sitting in windows waiting for their Chopper Gunner. I also think CoD4 had the best selection of guns for playstyles. They had different guns that suited different playstyles, and that really worked nicely.

And that’s about it. SO WHAT DO I WANT FROM MW3 Multiplayer? You know what, I’d be happy with MW2 but with: polished, new / tested maps, less powerful killstreaks, the fun factor of MW2 with the balance of Blops, and the fast paced gun-on-gun of CoD4. Now go make it.


Sledgehammer, and (the new) Infinity Ward look to be creating every aspect of the game. There were rumors around that Raven Studios (Quake 4) would be a part in this but it doesn’t look like it anymore.

Also, based on every retailer I’ve seen, there won’t be a Wii version of this game (not that I’ve ever been interested in a Wii of Duty).


This will be a direct Sequel to Modern Warfare 2, taking place literally hours after MW2 ended.
There isn’t much out there on the storyline but we have some idea on the locations, as Rob’s states:

“The big difference, from a single player campaign standpoint, in MW3 is the scale of the levels. Going through Manhattan both on foot and in air, or Paris, or London, or parts of Africa. The sizes of the campaign levels are massive, which required a lot of work in terms of advancing the streaming tech to not only get to that level of scale but to maintain the game running above 60 fps all times.”

Parts of Africa hey? So it looks like a lot less focus on the middle-east this time around, and more like a modern World War scenario.

Multiplayer Gameplay

From a multiplayer standpoint, Bowling has made it clear that he wants this to be an evolutionary product, not a revolutionary one, and that is all we want. In fact, I’d be happy with MW2 without all the game ruining balance mess ups, new and well design maps, and more gun-on-gun focused gameplay and less killstreak based gameplay. OH AND A GAME THEY ACTUALLY SUPPORT AFTER ITS RELEASE.


These are based completely on screenshots and reveal trailers.

Assault Rifles:
Remington ACR

Brrett 50 Cal
Remington Semi-Auto Sniper

Model 1887

MP412 Russian
Walter P99
M1911 Model . 45 caliber
Sig Sauer

Machine Pistols:
FMG Machine Pistol (Interesting..)

M320 Grenade Launcher

IW have said that you’ll now be able to attach dual scopes:

E.g. A red dot and an ACOG scope
and easily switch between them. This will probably have little effect on gameplay methinks but we’ll see.

There are grenade launchers, yes, but Rob Bowling has said that grenade launchers will be balanced in MW3 so they aren’t the overpowered overused pieces of dick they were in MW2. Black Ops, I feel, did explosives perfectly. When I die from explosives I don’t feel like they’re overpowered, and if I die from a grenade launcher specifically I think, “he probably could’ve killed me with a gun anyway”. And they introduced possibly the smartest perk of all time, the Flak Jacket, which protected you from explosives to a certain extent. Perfectly balanced.

They have also mentioned that they have been rebalanced to make them a support tool rather than a primary weapon (thank christ).

So in short, Black Ops did Grenade Launchers right, MW2 did grenade launchers horrendously. And it appears they’re leaning towards the Black Ops model in MW3 but we can’t be sure until we actually play the game and these problems become apparent. But god I hope they do it right and learned from MW2. Bowling has stated so many times that they want to focus on gun-on-gun, skill based combat, so I have my hopes up. That’s all I want.

Game Types

Now, we can be pretty safe here knowing that most of the game types will remain. So just take this list as GAMETYPES WE 100% KNOW WILL BE IN THE GAME because we’ve heard the Infinity Ward talking about them. But yeah, these game type will likely be similar to previous Call of Duties, though I really hope they add the Competitive playlist which they added into Black Ops recently because it is mint.

Team Death Match
Free For All
Search And Destroy
Capture the Flag

Spec Ops
I’ll just add in an except from Bowling’s Q&A:

Single biggest improvement for MW3 over MW2 or blops?
“Spec Ops by far. Adding in the matchmaking, progressive ranking, killstreaks and unlocks, and wave based modes have made spec ops everything we always wanted it to be when we first introduced it.

New Survival Mode
This mode, I am assuming, is a response to the extremely successful Nazi Zombies of World at War and Black Ops fame. This mode will be a multiplayer survival mode is going to be similar to that AND of ‘firefight’ in Halo where, and IW are really stressing this as their biggest addition to the series.

There is a new reveal trailer that gives us a tease of what’s to come in survival mode (and a little bit of multiplayer) so I’ll give you the breakdown.

Here’s the description of Survival Mode from the trailer itself, in case you didn’t know what survival mode was all about.

Also I feel I should mention that Rob Bowling has said that Spec Ops will ONLY be 2-player co-op. To solidify this more in the trailer you hear the announcer say “it’s just the two of you”. Yeah this sucks, I really wish they could have developed it into a 4 player mode it would have been so much fun, as we all know 4 player zombies is. But oh well, this is official and there’s no chance of any 4 player survival mode, but a boy can dream.

Also all the survival mode is going to use all of the multiplayer maps, so if you want a glimpse into what the multiplayer maps will look like then CHECK IT OUT. So th is is obviously in Britain but the first thing I notice is the little neon symbols, which I’m going to say are the armory symbols, from left to right: Equipment, Weapons and Air Support. Let’s have a peek at those:

So those first 4 things are pretty self explanatory, basic equipment, then we have the more tower defense orientated AutoTurret, and the Auto Grenade Launcher (which sounds badass). It’d be pretty funny if you could die from your own grenade launcher turrets. Don’t worry, you’ll also see that last stand is there, but we know for sure that it isn’t in multiplayer, though it makes sense there should be something in a co-op mode where you can revive your partner. It’s not like the AI will be all FUCK YOU SECOND CHANCE!

Another thing I see is the Share $500 down the bottom, which EXCITES ME A LOT. So often in zombies you’ll have way too many points and someone dies without a lot of money, and unless you’re a selfish jackass you wished you could give them some cash to get juggernog and have a few goes at the mystery box. But you can’t and they go down again. Will this just be $500 and you can’t share more? Or will you be able to share as much as you want in increments of $500? We’ll have to wait and see.

The weapons armory is pretty straight forward, though there are some weapon variations that may or may not be in the multiplayer (ACR 6.8?). Not a lot to see here, obviously some things are classified so there’s some speculation as to how to unlock them: challenges, wave count etc.
Moving on..

This is pretty exciting, particularly the ‘squads’. Being able to buy infantry sounds awesome, and having a riot shield squad just sounds badass. There looks to be only 5 slots and I hope they expand this so there are more options but it’s still early days.

You’ll also hear “attack dogs with explosives in bound” (off the top of my head) in the video.

So one of those ‘classifieds’ may be attack dogs…with C4s strapped!? POOR VIRTUAL DOGS! Still, sounds badass. Keen to see how that’ll turn out and if animal rights groups will be bothered.

In the bottom left I also noticed that there are progress bars with monetary rewards so that must be one way to earn some green. Number of headshots, going on kill streaks, pretty straight forward.

There also looks to be perk unlocks, which you also receive from the air support armory? I don’t konw. Now these are in survival mode but you can be pretty sure we’ll see these 3 perks in multiplayer as well.


What we know:

  • Single player or 2-player co-op
  • You’ll face waves and waves of various, increasingly difficult enemies, including air support
  • You’ll earn points, which you can exchange for various upgrades including: Sentry guns, weapons, and AI team mates! (Possibly killstreaks / air support as well?)
  • The mode will use MULTIPLAYER maps, not campaign maps.
  • It will have its own XP system

Multiplayer Reveal

At the end of this reveal trailer there is a little multiplayer teaser that gives us a little insight into a few things:

The thing I notice right off the bat is the mini map is now an aereal photo of the map! This is awesome as we can actually visualise certain areas of the map just by the mini map. It also appears to be zoomed out a bit more than black ops and even MW2.

Another thing I noticed was the switchable pointstreaks (they aren’t called killstreaks anymore) so THAT IS AWESOME. Something extremely basic that we wanted in both MW2 and Black Ops finally will be a reality in MW3.  There’s also some weird equipment dealy in the bottom right that looks to be what kills FOURZEROTWO.

We also see that a 14 PointStreak gives you a Juggernaut and that he earns that killstreak from some sort of proximity mine  craziness. Also I have no idea what gun that is. There’s also an AC130 symbol down the bottom left so maybe he didn’t die from the mine thing or maybe they just haven’t made the symbol yet? Either way that looks amazing.


IW have removed Commando, Stopping Power, and One Man Army. Fuck yeah.
Not much else is confirmed regarding perks, just rumours and speculation.  NO team perks, this was some rumour that IW have denied.

Although there is no stopping power, all the guns have been adjusted to do slightly more damage, as though they have stopping power to keep the gameplay fast-paced but free up the 2nd tier perk slot (which in MW2 was 90% of the time, stopping power).

Hopefully there’s no juggernaut or painkiller (or death streaks for that matter) and we can all be happy.


So MW3 has taken the objective based route to my liking with ‘pointstreaks’ where you earn air support etc. not just with kills but with objective completions. Hopefully they are weighted correctly so capturing B flag in Domination is worth more than killing some guy.

The juggernaut suit seems to be a 14 point streak so that is confirmed.

AC130 was shown in reveal trailer but they haven’t confirmed this as a pointstreak.
Nuke will definitely not be in the game.


As we all know, MW2 had possibly the worst post-release support of any AAA game we’ve ever seen. There were game-ruining glitches from day 1, such as the care package glitch, the akimbo 1887 glitch, the javelin glitch, and so many other small glitches. Not only this but there were several exploits, like the unlimited noob tubes, and basically anything involving One Man Army, which the community shouted about for months and months, with no signs of life from IW.

Bowling says they will have a major focus MW3′s long term support after release (the way Treyarch does with Black Ops), something they were really poor on with MW2 (and CoD4 actually), ”increasing not only frequency but speed of them as well as how we can expand the ability to hot fix and playlist updates to address concerns when possible while a full patch goes through the certification process.”

The game will be locked at 60fps, which means that it can go higher but will never go lower than 60fps (one of the reasons why Call of Duty runs so smoothly, and the Battlefield series (on consoles) often doesn’t).

There has been nothing confirmed about dedicated servers on the PC yet, however they want them for PC and are still in talks as to weather they can provide the support and maintain them with their current resources.

Will there be a multiplayer public Beta? Highly unlikely considering they haven’t had one since CoD 3 and it is Activision we’re talking about, they aren’t exactly known for giving their developers a lot of freedom.

Gameplay Changes
Moves taken out from MW2/Blops:

  • No dolphin dive
I will do my own dolphin diving.

Guns will have more recoil than they did in MW2.
Now, hopefully you can’t use a UMP to shoot like a laser beam across the map anymore. This is what is good about Black Ops and CoD4, and annoying about MW2. The ability to evade. If your’e near cover in black ops, and are in a gunfight, and start getting hit, you know you can evade a lot of the time and recover, knowing that not every bullet will go straight into you, thanks to recoil (unless they’re using a FAMAS which shoots about a clip in .2 seconds.). It might take 4 shots to kill, but you know that not each of those first four bullets will hit, with a full-auto. In MW2, they probably would have, because recoil was almost non-existent with the majority of guns in that game.

Other things I’d like
I’d also like a game that rewards team-based objective playing more than lonewolf-sitting-in-a-window-with-a-famas-and-ghost-waiting-for-chopper-gunner-and-dogs-douchebag playing. Brolin has said that they will be rewarding team based objectives more but did not make it clear how: It could be something as simple as giving out more points  for things like flag caps and defends?

“I completely agree, and we have changed a lot of how XP, match bonus, challenges, rewards and other incentives are distributed in objective gameplay, much on how we are encourageing gun on gun gameplay in TDM modes, in objective modes we are making it so being an objective focused player in objective gametypes. Furthermore, we have focused a lot of the new equipment additions in multiplayer to make sure we’re giving the objective player just as many tools to be better at playing the objective focused gametypes as we do a tdm player.” – Bowling.

He also says:

“It’s not all about kills, we have to reward the defender of a bomb site, the flag runner, and the guy covering the flag runner, more so than the guy just getting kill and never going near the objective points. I read you loud and clear and while I can’t go into further detail, this has been addressed. I’m a hardcore SnD player and a Dom player after that.”

Very happy about this, particularly the gun on gun focused multiplayer. MW2 was such a killstreak based game because the killstreaks were so overpowered and it lead to a lot of camping for them and people getting outrageous scores with little skill. Now they want to return to gun-on-gun focused gameplay of CoD 4 and Black ops.

Here’s a list of some small changes that I think would be nice:

  • Points for partial flag caps or escorting, like there are for assists
  • Dogtags or a similar system like in Crysis 2. In this system you only earned your killstreaks if you actually picked up the enemies dog tag, forcing people to not stay in one spot. Now I see problems with this, like people waiting around friendly dead bodies waiting for enemies to pick them up, but it’s also great for ending killstreak whores.
  • Full Button Remapping. I still don’t understand why this isn’t a standard in every video game. It allows certain physically disabled people to remap to be able to play comfortably, it let’s people who play different styles to take advantage of the controller. It would be so interesting to see how pros would remap their controls and copying them to see how it actually effects things.

And that’s it so far! I’ll keep this updated whenever I find anything 100% confirmed. Oh, and, no fighting in the war room.

Game Types

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