Tee-Time: Thunder Cloud, Lightning Strife


Sorry for the lack of posts, but we have all been so BUSY. Also I am now working part-time which means more time for TNR related fun-times. This is tee-time.

Today we have a pun filled Final Fantasy 7 shirt, and if you don’t know, puns make my day a lot better. A huge chunk of my shirts are just puns, for the sake of puns. Like my pulp fiction shirt which is Vincent Vega and Jules Winfield as oranges. So dumb and punny that I needed to have it.

Anyway this is Cloud Strife as a cloud and a lightning strike (Strife?!). Yeah the strife/strike isn’t great but I will give him credit. Also I don’t think FF13′s Lightning was intended, but we all know how Square likes to name characters after weather conditions. I love this shirt, and designer Joshua Allen needs your votes so it can manifest into something real!

A play on words that pays homage to one of the most popular classic video characters of all time, Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. I played with the design to create Cloud’s iconic hair-do as the cloud, and his buster sword as the lightning strike.

 Vote here.

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