First Impressions: NBA2K12 Demo


For the last 12 months 2K Sports has been basking in the ¬†success of their flagship videogame, the basketball simulator NBA2K11. In a time when each year”s new sports games are labelled as mere roster updates, 2K11 showed – through its responsive controls, ¬†professional presentation and depth in game modes – that sports games can be masterpieces. So when the demo for the next installment of the reigning champion of basketball videogames became available, I jumped(shot) at the chance to test it out.

The game tips off in similar fashion as previous 2K”s but as soon as the ball is on the floor, the similarities end. The animations have all been created anew from the ground up and it”s noticeable from the first dribble. As a result, it feels like the new animations makes for almost an entirely new game and running and gunning, pulling up for a jump shot and defending is as smooth, silky and realistic as ever.

The controls were stunning in 2K11 so they have remained for the most part untouched but a notable change has been the removal of a pro-hop button. This is a welcomed change as the pro-hop move in 2K11 was too strong and could easily be abused to send power forwards aerially weaselling their way through heavy traffic for a layup.

In it”s place however is a new post-up system when backing down a defender near the basket. The old controls of holding the R2 and L2 buttons is replaced with a simple tap of the Triangle/former pro-hop button but the L2 R2 interplay provided great options in controls and the new one button dynamic oversimplifies what is a complex situation in basketball.

The other adjustment from the change in the Triangle button comes in the form of the new signature gather style of shooting. Using the L2 modifier with the shot stick will now have your player side-dribble, jump step or fadeaway in various positions depending on your If you left a publicly funded driving tests more than five years ago, or if the driving tests you attended is no longer in operation, you should casino online contact the driving tests board directly. player and the direction of the shot stick. In the demo this is illustrated clearly with Dirk Nowitzki who in 2K11 ran and shot like a stiff casinos online 7-footer but now with signature gathers, Dirk”s off-balance Gaat het alleen om casino spellen ? Nee in iDeal Casino Tips vind je ook casino tips, die betrekking hebben op acties, betalingen en casino tips die gaan over spelgedrag. yet controlled jump shot play style is recreated perfectly. For more on signature gathers, watch the ChrisSmoove video below.

Lastly, the balance of the game has been tinkered with it online casino seems. The near psychic abilities of the opposition team to intercept the most sensible of passes has thankfully been scaled down but any loose best online casino dishes will still be stolen in a split second. Fast breaks online casino seem to have been refined and now your teammates will actually fill the paint on a counter-attack instead of inexplicably legging it to the corners of the forecourt or even more annoying, simply stopping completely at the three point line for no reason.

As the demo isn”t a complete build obviously, there are some bugs and minor gripes that hopefully will be ironed out. In my first game, the AI on the other team”s point guard Mario Chalmers turned around with no defence around him and ran straight into the backcourt for a violation and turnover.

The other main issue is that in most sports games skirting with the sideline has a general invisible wall to prevent constant out of bounds violations. I noticed in 2K12 that the balance between analogue movement and the out of bounds barrier is almost non-existent and any darts along the wing or baseline that is beyond a crawling pace will send a foot into out of bounds.

Lastly, it was probably the difficulty setting but Dirk Nowitzki is a beast. I did a signature gather where he stepped out of bounds on the baseline, shot from behind the backboard and the shot still splashed spectacularly in. Driving and penetrating through traffic is much more difficult though so it looks like while players get to know the game at least, 2K12 will be a shooter”s heaven.

So, that”s my summary of the NBA2K12 demo. Long story short: basketball word, basketball words, Dirk Nowitzki, basketball term, technical basketball term, basketball slang, improvement, basketball words.

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