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By mrkellaris, September 22, 2011 0 Comics

I have some bad news, dear readers. The Comics Rope is going on a short break for the next couple of weeks, while the author travels/shirks his responsibilities. But we’ll be back in two weeks with the usual comic book… Read More »

By mrkellaris, September 12, 2011 0 Comics

Week One of The DC New 52! Plus a heap of other great books that were overshadowed by Action Comics #1! Let’s get to it!

By mrkellaris, September 7, 2011 3 Comics

The biggest publishing event of the decade is upon us, with DC rolling out 52 brand new #1s over the month of September. The flagship title, Justice League by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, was released last week (Week Zero,… Read More »

By mrkellaris, September 5, 2011 2 Comics

Well, it’s finally here. The New DC Universe is upon us. But more importantly, Secret Avengers #16 is here too. NEW COMICS   Let’s get this out of the way: I didn’t read Flashpoint. I didn’t care about it. Everything… Read More »

By mrkellaris, August 22, 2011 4 Comics

I was sitting in my favourite cafe last Thursday, just around the corner from my Local Comic Shop, reading Captain America #2 and Daredevil #2 and ordering a second coffee because I just couldn’t stop reading when it hit me:… Read More »

By mrkellaris, August 15, 2011 5 Comics

No messing around this week. Let’s talk about some comics. Let’s talk about Detective Comics, Fear Itself, Batman and Robin, Fantastic Four, The Walking Dead and Ultimate Spider-Man.

By mrkellaris, August 8, 2011 1 Comics

It’s been a pretty quiet week in the four colour world, but there’s no use in complaining. Let’s just dive into it as The Punisher relaunches and Spider-Man changes race. NEW COMICS It was all quiet on the comics front… Read More »

By mrkellaris, August 1, 2011 2 Comics

It’s been a pretty big week in comics. A lot of Big Sellers, a lot of Comics I Love and a heap of Comics I Wish I Was Up To Date On. We also wrapped up San Diego Comic Con… Read More »

By mrkellaris, July 25, 2011 2 Comics

After a not-so-short hiatus, The Comics Rope is back to bring you your weekly recap of the goings-on of the comic book world. It just so happens that we’ve come back during San Diego Comic Con so there’s a lot… Read More »

By mrkellaris, June 11, 2010 2 Comics

I like video games. A lot. But I’ve got to be honest with you, I like comics more. So it was only natural that I would try to convince Schism to allow me to rant about comics on this glorious… Read More »