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Hello world

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For the last 12 months 2K Sports has been basking in the  success of their flagship videogame, the basketball simulator NBA2K11. In a time when each year”s new sports games are labelled as mere roster updates, 2K11 showed – through… Read More »

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There were some good comics, there were some great comics, and there was one really disappointing comic this week. Cliffhanger! NEW COMICS DC published their final Old DCU issues this week, the most notable of which being Action Comics. The world’s… Read More »

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Tonight I learnt that a whole lot of scotch doesn’t have the same effect that it used to. Is this growing up? Well, I’ve come home at 2am to write about video games, so maybe not. So here we are…. Read More »

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There are so many reasons why Cave Story is an incredible game. Deep storytelling. Gorgeous environments. Perfect Metroidvania gameplay. A soundtrack that can be mashed up with Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme. Composed by YouTube user CrackHer0, this… Read More »