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Picked this game up for $AU15 on steam and am loving the balls out of it, so here is my new live commentary series! If you like it I’d love a like

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Week One of The DC New 52! Plus a heap of other great books that were overshadowed by Action Comics #1! Let’s get to it!

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The biggest publishing event of the decade is upon us, with DC rolling out 52 brand new #1s over the month of September. The flagship title, Justice League by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, was released last week (Week Zero,… Read More »

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Well, it’s finally here. The New DC Universe is upon us. But more importantly, Secret Avengers #16 is here too. NEW COMICS   Let’s get this out of the way: I didn’t read Flashpoint. I didn’t care about it. Everything… Read More »

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There were some good comics, there were some great comics, and there was one really disappointing comic this week. Cliffhanger! NEW COMICS DC published their final Old DCU issues this week, the most notable of which being Action Comics. The world’s… Read More »

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PREFACE: I never play Halo, and the title is pretty much a description of my Halo experience. Elisabeth (Adalovee) convinced me to play Halo so here is our live commentary sesh filled with theme songs of 80s-90s tv shows (MAINLY… Read More »

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All you Battlestar Galactica geeks will know of all the opportunities for punny products that arise from the derogatory naming of Cylons (yes I capitalise as they are a real race of robots and I pay my respect to them)… Read More »

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I was sitting in my favourite cafe last Thursday, just around the corner from my Local Comic Shop, reading Captain America #2 and Daredevil #2 and ordering a second coffee because I just couldn’t stop reading when it hit me:… Read More »

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There’s a lot to love about The Legend of Zelda. The countless dungeons, the addictive exploration, the fact that it’s inspired by God Shigeru Miyamoto’s childhood. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of Zelda’s appeal is the mystery surrounding each… Read More »

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No messing around this week. Let’s talk about some comics. Let’s talk about Detective Comics, Fear Itself, Batman and Robin, Fantastic Four, The Walking Dead and Ultimate Spider-Man.