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Why hello, we got our hands on the Age of Empires Online BETA and I’m going to do a dual commentary series with fellow TNR member Kye. So far I’m loving the game and am loving doing this dual commentary,… Read More »

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Skip to 7:00 If you don’t want to watch 7 minutes of me choosing hair colour. Terraria is a craft based platformer, like a 2D minecraft meets oldschool Metroid. You get NPCs like merchants and nurses by building rooms for… Read More »

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We’re in the midst of a bit of a reboot here at TNR, so what better way to get back into things than a bit of a meet-and-greet. A The Ninja Rope #0, if you will (yeah, I’m the comic… Read More »

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A little while ago this little gem of a game called Joe Danger was released by Hello Games after several months… Read More »

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I think I’ll caption videos that I am semi-inebriated with the [drunk gaming] tag though you can probably tell. I’d make a great detective in the 40s no? Thought I’d finally start my L.A. Noire playthrough in style. This is… Read More »

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The 3DS is coming to the world in March 2011. Some areas may get it before then, and some might have to wait until after but March 2011 was the time frame Nintendo canvased for a mass distribution of the… Read More »

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Now that the hoopla of E3, 3DS technology, Kirbies made out of wool and Raiden slashing concrete blocks in half has had time to sink in, it”s time to reflect on some of the smaller gems that slipped under the… Read More »

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For those that may not know, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link has generally been known as the worst and least popular game in the Zelda series, but perhaps all it needed was a change in perspective? This browser-embedded version… Read More »

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I like video games. A lot. But I’ve got to be honest with you, I like comics more. So it was only natural that I would try to convince Schism to allow me to rant about comics on this glorious… Read More »

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Picross 3D (2010) Platform: Nintendo DS Developer: HAL Laboratories Publisher: Nintendo The Ninja Rope is a gaming blog. We talk… Read More »