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At some point in his or her life, a gamer will get drunk and play video games, and it’ll be amazing. Sad? Maybe. Often alone? Possibly. At TNR? Way too often. When you’re basic motor skills aren’t functioning, and your… Read More »

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My live commentary walkthrough / playthrough of the Ico re-release. As usual, I won’t talk through the cut scenes. Best game ever, please rate!  

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If you don’t know what the Humble Bundle is, it is an awesome goodwill indie games bundle that essentially let’s you pay whatever you want for 5 excellent games! There are of course perks to paying a little extra: you… Read More »

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Watch me fail at Windbag Ranch, and convert some stupid squirts. I’d love it if you ‘liked’ it

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Sony have really outdid themselves this time. This ad starts out pretty sweet, and then just goes insane. Make sure you’re sitting down, because you will probably start having nerdgasms. “Michael” – PS3 Long Live Play — Full Length My… Read More »

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What, 2 give aways at once!? GET USED TO IT NINJA ROPERS! Due to the huge success of our Bastion competition, we’ve decided that competitions are a GOOD THING. So we’re going to have a constant competition running, where the… Read More »

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Now that it’s out of BETA I thought I’d start this let’s play up again! This time as the Egyptians. Again I’ll be playing with Kye. I fix the sound volumes / game resolution at 1:00 Also I’ll fast forward some… Read More »

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For the last 12 months 2K Sports has been basking in the  success of their flagship videogame, the basketball simulator NBA2K11. In a time when each year”s new sports games are labelled as mere roster updates, 2K11 showed – through… Read More »

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The Calamity! Picked this game up for $AU15 on steam and am loving the balls out of it, so here is my new live commentary series! If you like it I’d love a like

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Hefty title, for an incredible piece of fan artery (not fan’s arteries). LEGO artists the PLUM Brothers has managed to create one of the coolest working fan made guns I’ve ever seen. This one definitely gives the Nerf Halo assault rifle a… Read More »